The Church with a Mission and The Pastor with a Vision

Our Church Will,


Out and witness to the people and help them

Move to higher heights - change

  • Make them disciple(s) – Conversion or Convert
  • Minister to others (in the church & community) – Compassion

Become a Beacon light in home, church & community by serving  and helping others.

Change – the people lives will be changed for the better

  • Conversion/Convert – the people hearts will softer or soften
  • Compassion – the people will have compassion for each other in the church and in the community

The Pastor with a Vision: is to

  • Be Steadfast in Lord, Worship God Daily, Help Build Up People lives by Teaching , Leading, and Equipping them with the Word of God

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Rev. Kenneth Eakins, Sr., Pastor
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Sunday Morning Services 6525 Northdale Street
Houston, TX 77087